Graduate life

Tutors at University attempt to prepare you for ‘after life’, I mean the outside world, being no longer a student. Parents automatically assume that you’ve been living ‘on your own’ for 4 years now, you can easily handle it. Oh how wrong they are..

Moving back in with the family is incredibly easy for some! Me on the other hand, I was coming home and SO close going to the wrong house as they hadn’t told me that they moved! Having no room of my own and all my belongings staying in boxes and suitcases straight to the loft is a little heartbreaking. You still pay rent, just like you did up in University! However instead of having the whole house, your paying for a few essentials..

Finding a job was easy at University, every bar, club, restaurant and shop would be hiring and as long as it gave you more experience and an income, it didn’t matter what role you had! Now you have a degree that you’ve been working so hard for, you have to put it to use. I’m quite lucky in that respect, jobs within the Media are always available, especially in London (I am still seeking a career within Events and Communications though).

What I’ve found hard about graduate life is being kept occupied and busy. Job hunting keeps you occupied for a little while but what about the rest of the day? Some people can sit on computer games all day, I can just about sit still for an hour (if your lucky). So I’ve decided to come up with a to-do list in case other graduates are in the same position!

  1. Cooking – at University we learnt how to cook or if you didn’t, this is a great time to start! I love cooking, it’s baking that I need to work on. Right now I am attempting Cheesecake, it’s currently in the fridge!!
  2. Reading – I socialised too much to be able to spend my evenings reading, but now I can sit and read the books that have been collecting dust!
  3. Education – as soon as I was finished, I felt done with Education. However, I have found myself with online evening courses! I will have a Diploma at the end, just to add more to my CV. There’s loads of courses that are available – What takes your fancy?
  4. Spring clean – I know it’s Winter.. which means its extremely cold outside. So you are better off indoors! Going through all your clothes, shoes and belongings. My mum has given two bin liners full of clothes to charity, so it’s my turn. Although I’ve just downloaded the app Shpock – which i’m excited to get a little extra ££
  5. Create a website – I’ve been told that creating your own website and blogging shows off your skills and connects you to your audience.. I’m still extremely new to this so we’ll see!
  6. Scrap booking – I love it, but then Mum got me started on this at a young age, so I have a scrap book for every year (takes up a lot of room). Going through memories is something I cherish. Having photographs printed and creating a collage gives me a little bit of a thrill.

These are my ideas so far. As always, if you have anything to add to the list, I would love to hear! Leave a comment, give it a like or maybe even share!


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