To-do list = Action

In my ‘Graduate life’ blog there is a to-do list and I figured it’s time for action!

Number one: Cooking – In my case, baking. I attempted individual Cheesecakes, Kinder Bueno specifically and… it didn’t turn out very well (Figure 1 – Liquid. After 24 hours in the fridge). Second attempt, I tried Tie Dye cake! Slightly cheated as it was from a box, still very tricky! It also went A LOT better (Figure 2). I’ve decided I am never letting my boyfriend decorate a cake though = amazingly bad.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Number two: Reading – I have finally finished my Milly Johnson ‘It’s Raining men’ book. I would highly recommend if you like a soppy, romance and entertaining read! It’s made me want to read more of hers, so next up is ‘The Yorkshire Pudding Club’ – I will keep you all updated once I’ve managed to read it.



Number three: Education – I have signed up to Shaw Academy and there are LOADS of courses to choose from: – I have signed up too:

  • Diploma on Excel – Always comes in handy and needed for work!
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing –  – Passion, career and degree of mine.
  • Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing starts 14th February! – Advanced.. Why not!
  • Web Design – Working with WordPress – Thought it was meant to be!

I’m quite lucky, my parents already have an account which means I don’t have to pay the annual fee! However, I think it’s great and I am rather excited to start this week!

Number four: Spring Clean – I went through my bags, clothes, shoes and books! Everything is on Shpock. An App that I am now in love with as it’s so easy to use and everything is local! Trying so hard to only sell and not buy.

Number five: Create a website – Here it is! Although I am finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the blogging. I would more than appreciate ideas and tips! Feel free to either leave a comment or contact me directly 🙂

Number six: Scrap book – Well, I have all the pictures and confetti I could possibly need so it’s time to get on with it!

I’ve managed to put my to-do list into action, have you?

I’ve also come up with a few more:

  1. TV Series – Netflix! I have become addicted, although the TV series I’ve started to watch isn’t even on Netflix. Game of Thrones is an obsession that is uncontrollable!
  2. Job hunting – I have decided to apply for at least 3 roles on a daily basis to keep the motivation and the chances high! I’ve had quite a lot of interviews recently and now playing the waiting game for some roles, but I am making sure that all my eggs are not in 1 basket!
  3. Volunteering & Charity work – Places always need a helping hand. So I have come to the decision to put my time into good use! I’ve previously helped the MK Food Bank which I would love to go back! But I’m also considering fundraising for the Brain Tumour Charity – as it’s close to home.

If you have any ideas I would love to hear! Hope you all have a productive and entertaining afternoon!


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