Interview Attire

Choosing something to wear is always difficult, for men and women! Men may not admit it, but I watch my boyfriend ‘secretly’ worrying about what he wears. Just because you don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Us females, we will say it extremely loud until we are happy with the chosen attire – but what is the right interview attire?

Males: Suit is normally the only way, unless it’s an informal interview then they might skip the tie and wear different shoes.

Females: We have a full on range of clothing that is acceptable but the problem we face is other peoples views and opinions. What a magazine might say is great to wear for an interview, buy this! and you will feel confident as well as look good! – Well yes, but then the interviewer might not think the same.

So how do we choose? What do we wear? What is the appropriate interview attire?

Well I have an interview this Friday and could really do with some advice, I’m normally quite confident when choosing outfits and thought I had it all sorted! (Organised!) until this evening. I decided to look over what my recruiter had sent me again to find a very precise interview prep, 4 pages long.. He included:

  • What should be worn: a suit
  • How to sit: no slouching
  • Don’t be afraid to smile
  • Good firm handshake: show your confidence
  • Step by step how the interview MIGHT go: 4 steps to be exact
  • At the very end, ask how you compare to other candidates and ask for negatives
  • How to approach difficult questions: “Tell me about yourself” or “Talk me through your CV” – You ask “where would you like me to start” or “How much detail would you like”

There is an awful lot more in this document and a lot more details, as I said 4 pages of it but after reading his ‘interview prep’ it’s actually made me feel worse. I have researched the company, current employees, social networks and internet presence as well as prepped myself but now I don’t feel confident at all which is unusual. There are some parts that I really don’t agree with and others that I think he could phrase differently in his ‘document’ – but I’m not in the position to give advice to this recruiter (Although I do have experience in recruitment).

But back to the main question, appropriate interview attire – he said suit. I had in mind a black dress, blazer and little heels. The boyfriend thinks I should go in a shirt and trousers as that’s what the recruiter recommends. Attending interviews means you are meant to show your personality, through clothing, body language, the way you speak and the way you look. Forcing me into a ‘suit’ will dampen my confidence but then what if the dress costs me this job?

What do you wear for interviews? What would you do in my position? I would love to hear and appreciate all the advice, comments or stories!

Have a lovely evening


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