Hospital Appointments

It’s that time again, the 6 month check up for my brother! A week ago he had a scan at Addenbrooks, the usual. Just to make sure the Tumour hasn’t grown and to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread. It’s just over a year now since his Biopsy but everything has been good so far!

This is where it might get complicated, I know it’s not good.. but what we mean by ‘good news’ is that nothing has changed! The best possible news we could receive.

Were leaving in around half an hour to travel down to Cambridge, Mum hates driving but if I had a car I would drive us down. My brother doesn’t do very well around this time, it doesn’t help the fact he’s got an awful lot going on as well as health concerns! Just makes my heart throb even more for him.

We worry more than usual because him worrying or being stressed causes him to have a seizure, so we (me and mum) don’t let him out of our sight. Which must be really annoying for him as he’s 21 this year! Yet he’s still not allowed to be on his own for a period of time before we invade his private space to check he’s still breathing and standing! If we hear any sort of banging noise, we assume the worst and leg it up the stairs as if we can fly.. it’s a very nerve racking time.

It’s horrible to say, but I actually enjoy our day down to Cambridge. This is the only day that we put everything past us and become a family. Were not a very loving, close family but today we will laugh, smile and get through it because nothing stops the Sharman family – especially when we are together as one.

The picture above is last appointment – our usual family selfie. I take photos of us to remember the good things – it helps us to keep laughing as we are such an embarrassing family its unreal sometimes but also hilarious. We don’t know anyone and thankfully never bump into anyone we know in Addenbrooks, so none of us care how we behave! As long as we stay positive it’s all that matters.

Positivity is key. Fingers crossed for this afternoon! I hope everyone else has a lovely afternoon too.


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