My Bucket list

Have you ever seen the film, The Bucket List? It’s an extremely cute, sad and funny film about two gentleman in hospital with a desire to complete a list of things they’ve always wanted to do before they die. I recommend it highly! Make sure you have snacks with you and maybe tissues depending on how emotional you are (you’ve had a fair warning).

I’ve decided to create a bucket list so that all the things I want to do/achieve are all written down and I have no excuses! Doesn’t matter how little, small, big or dream worthy the list is. Not sure whether to number or bullet point as there’s quite a lot I want to do but I am only 23, I have loads of time left!

  • I would love to travel, experience different cultures and countries.
  • Pay off my Student Overdraft would be amazing!
  • Buy my first car – Fiat 500 in mint green.. or there’s a VW I like but I don’t know the name!
  • Have my own 4 bedroom house, with a big kitchen and a walk-in wardrobe. Little cottage would be cute!
  • Career is definitely something I want to achieve, but there’s lots of things I want to do: Marketing, Events, have my own team, Manage.
  • Disney world! I want to have a photograph with every single character and spend the day as a princess.
  • Win the lottery, even if it’s a £1..
  • After weighing myself this morning, I would like to loose a stone.
  • I would like to go on an African safari and attempt to sleep ‘rough’.
  • Always wanted to go to a festival, thinking maybe Glastonbury.
  • Wear less make-up to let my skin breathe.
  • Expand my style and my wardrobe.
  • Get married on a gorgeous beach abroad with a gorgeous boyfriend.
  • Have two children and secretly hope that I have a boy first then a little girl after!
  • Desperately want to do the boyfriends bedroom, have a re-vamp and organise – We unfortunately broke up June 2017!
  • Eat healthier and less chocolate – Barely eat chocolate anymore! It’s all fruit & veg!
  • Control my money and spending.
  • Spend more quality time with my younger brother.
  • Start an exercise routine and stick to it! – Start the gym, twice a week!
  • Be more in touch with my emotions, I have got better as I can be quite heartless. I want to improve more though.
  • Create motivation every morning, as it’s a new day.
  • Stop buying loads of books.
  • Read all the books that I have been stocking up.
  • Stop drinking on a daily basis, even if it is just 1 glass of wine a day!
  • Go for a walk every Sunday.
  • Pay off Student loan.
  • Complete Little Big Planet 3 with the boyfriend.
  • Write in my diary everyday.
  • Take being Dairy free more seriously, rather than suffering because giving up chocolate for cardboard is really hard!
  • Grow my nails and stop biting them!!!
  • Go on the biggest Zip Wire in the world.
  • Jump out of an aeroplane – adrenaline rush!
  • Create own recipe cook book.
  • Have an all inclusive holiday to Cuba! ☀️

and to be continued…

What would you put on your Bucket list?


3 thoughts on “My Bucket list”

  1. ohhh wow love your list!! really awesome!
    ´•Jump out of an aeroplane – adrenaline rush!´Defenetly the best Thing we have ever done! Check our our bucket list;)

    Liked by 1 person

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