My Bucket list

Have you ever seen the film, The Bucket List? It’s an extremely cute, sad and funny film about two gentleman in hospital with a desire to complete a list of things they’ve always wanted to do before they die. I recommend it highly! Make sure you have snacks with you and maybe tissues depending on how emotional you are (you’ve had a fair warning).

I’ve decided to create a bucket list so that all the things I want to do/achieve are all written down and I have no excuses! Doesn’t matter how little, small, big or dream worthy the list is. Not sure whether to number or bullet point as there’s quite a lot I want to do but I am only 23, I have loads of time left!

  • I would love to travel, experience different cultures and countries.
  • Pay off my Student Overdraft would be amazing!
  • Buy my first car – Fiat 500 in mint green.. or there’s a VW I like but I don’t know the name!
  • Have my own 4 bedroom house, with a big kitchen and a walk-in wardrobe. Little cottage would be cute!
  • Career is definitely something I want to achieve, but there’s lots of things I want to do: Marketing, Events, have my own team, Manage.
  • Disney world! I want to have a photograph with every single character and spend the day as a princess.
  • Win the lottery, even if it’s a £1..
  • After weighing myself this morning, I would like to loose a stone.
  • I would like to go on an African safari and attempt to sleep ‘rough’.
  • Always wanted to go to a festival, thinking maybe Glastonbury.
  • Wear less make-up to let my skin breathe.
  • Expand my style and my wardrobe.
  • Get married on a gorgeous beach abroad with a gorgeous boyfriend.
  • Have two children and secretly hope that I have a boy first then a little girl after!
  • Desperately want to do the boyfriends bedroom, have a re-vamp and organise – We unfortunately broke up June 2017!
  • Eat healthier and less chocolate – Barely eat chocolate anymore! It’s all fruit & veg!
  • Control my money and spending.
  • Spend more quality time with my younger brother.
  • Start an exercise routine and stick to it! – Start the gym, twice a week!
  • Be more in touch with my emotions, I have got better as I can be quite heartless. I want to improve more though.
  • Create motivation every morning, as it’s a new day.
  • Stop buying loads of books.
  • Read all the books that I have been stocking up.
  • Stop drinking on a daily basis, even if it is just 1 glass of wine a day!
  • Go for a walk every Sunday.
  • Pay off Student loan.
  • Complete Little Big Planet 3 with the boyfriend.
  • Write in my diary everyday.
  • Take being Dairy free more seriously, rather than suffering because giving up chocolate for cardboard is really hard!
  • Grow my nails and stop biting them!!!
  • Go on the biggest Zip Wire in the world.
  • Jump out of an aeroplane – adrenaline rush!
  • Create own recipe cook book.
  • Have an all inclusive holiday to Cuba! ☀️

and to be continued…

What would you put on your Bucket list?


Looking for recipes!

Hi all,

As everyone knows, it’s Mothers Day this Sunday! Hope you are all prepared! Me and my family have decided to surprise my mother with Afternoon Tea! Thought it would be a cute idea and a nice little family gathering.

Mums not very fond of going out because she finds it awkward – Shes dairy and gluten free which doesn’t give her a lot of options in restaurants. So it’s a ‘At home Afternoon Tea’. We have a china tea set, decorations, napkins and we are working on the menu. The sandwiches are easy to sort out but it’s the cakes we are struggling with!

We are wanting to bake some and buy the rest, but I need some advice and help!

Where can I find dairy and gluten free cakes? Also recipes! If anyone has any recipes they could share, I would really appreciate it.

Her allergies are also something we have to bare in mind:

  • Coconut
  • Lemon, and
  • Avocado (in large quantities)

Please feel free to comment, share or email me! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Interview Attire

Choosing something to wear is always difficult, for men and women! Men may not admit it, but I watch my boyfriend ‘secretly’ worrying about what he wears. Just because you don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Us females, we will say it extremely loud until we are happy with the chosen attire – but what is the right interview attire?

Males: Suit is normally the only way, unless it’s an informal interview then they might skip the tie and wear different shoes.

Females: We have a full on range of clothing that is acceptable but the problem we face is other peoples views and opinions. What a magazine might say is great to wear for an interview, buy this! and you will feel confident as well as look good! – Well yes, but then the interviewer might not think the same.

So how do we choose? What do we wear? What is the appropriate interview attire?

Well I have an interview this Friday and could really do with some advice, I’m normally quite confident when choosing outfits and thought I had it all sorted! (Organised!) until this evening. I decided to look over what my recruiter had sent me again to find a very precise interview prep, 4 pages long.. He included:

  • What should be worn: a suit
  • How to sit: no slouching
  • Don’t be afraid to smile
  • Good firm handshake: show your confidence
  • Step by step how the interview MIGHT go: 4 steps to be exact
  • At the very end, ask how you compare to other candidates and ask for negatives
  • How to approach difficult questions: “Tell me about yourself” or “Talk me through your CV” – You ask “where would you like me to start” or “How much detail would you like”

There is an awful lot more in this document and a lot more details, as I said 4 pages of it but after reading his ‘interview prep’ it’s actually made me feel worse. I have researched the company, current employees, social networks and internet presence as well as prepped myself but now I don’t feel confident at all which is unusual. There are some parts that I really don’t agree with and others that I think he could phrase differently in his ‘document’ – but I’m not in the position to give advice to this recruiter (Although I do have experience in recruitment).

But back to the main question, appropriate interview attire – he said suit. I had in mind a black dress, blazer and little heels. The boyfriend thinks I should go in a shirt and trousers as that’s what the recruiter recommends. Attending interviews means you are meant to show your personality, through clothing, body language, the way you speak and the way you look. Forcing me into a ‘suit’ will dampen my confidence but then what if the dress costs me this job?

What do you wear for interviews? What would you do in my position? I would love to hear and appreciate all the advice, comments or stories!

Have a lovely evening

Pancake day – Shrove Tuesday

This is the very first year I actually get to eat Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday! I’ve either been too busy, away or completely forgotten! It’s very exciting, but the wait is killing me. My Boyfriend wants some too, so we decided to cook them this evening.. He doesn’t get home till 6:30pm!!! Only a little longer to go! (Clock watching).

My Step-dad always says I’m uneducated. Well actually, I have GCSE’s, A-levels and a Bachelors Degree. In some cases he is right through, I don’t know a lot about History, Geography or even culture sometimes. This is a very good example, Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday.. I honestly have no idea why it even exists! It’s great, the world gets to stuff their faces with pancakes; sweet or savoury (Sweet is better) but why?

So I decided to do a little research – I googled it. I turn to Google for everything – What did we even do without it?!

What is the meaning of Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day?

Why do we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?

Surely not to throw food around the room? Although it is acceptable today and rather fun! but because:

“Shrove Tuesday is the day that precedes Ash Wednesday . As it is determined by Easter, for which the actual date changes on an annual basis” – Taken from the Mirror website, Happy Pancake Day 2017.

I’ve learnt that Shrove Tuesday is to use up all the fatty and rich foods before Lent. It’s said to be a Christian Tradition, each ingredient representing one of the four pillars. I am not one for religion, but I am not against it either and it’s heartwarming to know that this has been going on well before my time!

So, the recipe.. We never follow one, we chuck it all in as a guessing game! Mums pancakes are the absolute best though and most of the time she doesn’t like cooking!

Usually, as a family we only have sugar and lemon on our pancakes – this year my boyfriend has brought syrup, strawberry sauce and strawberries! – healthy, but not. I tell myself that it’s balanced – keeps the fitness mind at bay.

To read more about the history of Pancake day, here is the link to the Mirror article:

What do you have on yours? Family tradition? Or are you trying something new this year? Let me know and get in touch!

Happy Pancake Day!

To-do list = Action

In my ‘Graduate life’ blog there is a to-do list and I figured it’s time for action!

Number one: Cooking – In my case, baking. I attempted individual Cheesecakes, Kinder Bueno specifically and… it didn’t turn out very well (Figure 1 – Liquid. After 24 hours in the fridge). Second attempt, I tried Tie Dye cake! Slightly cheated as it was from a box, still very tricky! It also went A LOT better (Figure 2). I’ve decided I am never letting my boyfriend decorate a cake though = amazingly bad.

Figure 1
Figure 2

Number two: Reading – I have finally finished my Milly Johnson ‘It’s Raining men’ book. I would highly recommend if you like a soppy, romance and entertaining read! It’s made me want to read more of hers, so next up is ‘The Yorkshire Pudding Club’ – I will keep you all updated once I’ve managed to read it.



Number three: Education – I have signed up to Shaw Academy and there are LOADS of courses to choose from: – I have signed up too:

  • Diploma on Excel – Always comes in handy and needed for work!
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing –  – Passion, career and degree of mine.
  • Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing starts 14th February! – Advanced.. Why not!
  • Web Design – Working with WordPress – Thought it was meant to be!

I’m quite lucky, my parents already have an account which means I don’t have to pay the annual fee! However, I think it’s great and I am rather excited to start this week!

Number four: Spring Clean – I went through my bags, clothes, shoes and books! Everything is on Shpock. An App that I am now in love with as it’s so easy to use and everything is local! Trying so hard to only sell and not buy.

Number five: Create a website – Here it is! Although I am finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the blogging. I would more than appreciate ideas and tips! Feel free to either leave a comment or contact me directly 🙂

Number six: Scrap book – Well, I have all the pictures and confetti I could possibly need so it’s time to get on with it!

I’ve managed to put my to-do list into action, have you?

I’ve also come up with a few more:

  1. TV Series – Netflix! I have become addicted, although the TV series I’ve started to watch isn’t even on Netflix. Game of Thrones is an obsession that is uncontrollable!
  2. Job hunting – I have decided to apply for at least 3 roles on a daily basis to keep the motivation and the chances high! I’ve had quite a lot of interviews recently and now playing the waiting game for some roles, but I am making sure that all my eggs are not in 1 basket!
  3. Volunteering & Charity work – Places always need a helping hand. So I have come to the decision to put my time into good use! I’ve previously helped the MK Food Bank which I would love to go back! But I’m also considering fundraising for the Brain Tumour Charity – as it’s close to home.

If you have any ideas I would love to hear! Hope you all have a productive and entertaining afternoon!